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Sandra Heller

Sandra Heller, LCSW & Filene, certified therapy dog 

Sandra and her 4 legged co-therapist Filene started therapy work in 2022 and were honored to join the staff at Soul Friends in April of 2023. Sandra has 30 years of experience working in various settings as a clinical and a school social worker. Her work has focused primarily with the adolescent population. Sandra and Filene both enjoy helping youth/teenagers navigate the many challenges they encounter during these stages of development. Building a strong therapeutic connection is their priority, especially for those who have difficulties with trust in relationships. Sandra is Person Centered in her approach with clients while utilizing CBT, DBT skills, Solution Focused Therapy and is training currently for certification in Animal Assisted Therapy. Filene is a certified Therapy Dog and Sandra has a BS from University of Colorado-1982, MSW from UCONN-1995 and LCSW since 2002. Sandra finds working with Filene and AAT has opened up many new ways of providing a safe, caring and healing experience for our clients.