Soul Friends’ mission is to provide innovative clinical and educational programs that promote the healing benefits of the human-animal bond and nature for children.


To be a pro-active leader in research and service in the fields of animal assisted interventions and nature therapy for children.

OUR MOTTO: “Healing the hearts of children one wagging tail at a time”


Established since 2003, Soul Friends has provided therapeutic visits to over 5,500 children across the state of Connecticut.  Soul Friends has established collaborative relationships with over 25 community agencies statewide, as well as being credentialed by the Department of Children and Families to serve children in need.  Kate Nicoll, the founder, has presented at national and international conferences on our work and mission.   We believe our mission of hope will comfort children in need


Soul Friends’ staff partner with our working therapy animals to help children reach goals, to change behavior and experience hope.  We believe in the stories of hope in healing of the human-animal bond – and we are committed to demonstrate continually our effectiveness through research efforts.  Our vision is to be pro-active in service, creative in collaboration and consistent in the quality of our clinical and educational services to children across Connecticut.